Recent advancement in web development technology

The “recent advancement” technology in Web development is in fact a somewhat broad topic. “Basic” technology would be considered the use HTML tags systems to create Web pages which post input from forms to the server and provides a response.

Over the decades, technology has few facelifts. One among the technology is Secure Hypertext transfer protocol.  This was done through cookies, hidden form fields on HTTP POST requests back to the server.

Just arrived or more in relation to well-liked  paradigms, such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which do nothing more than having a javascript on a page make non-visible requests to the server then dynamically update the User Interface from the asynchronous callback results in a standardized fashion have been used in the past.

In older times, if you wanted to display something on the internet, you needed to know HTML tag systems. Every page was hard coded and built. But in recent years CMS (Content management Systems) has wide opened doors for those who prefer web in spite of having less knowledge towards web development and stuffs. This enables the owners of websites to edit their own content themselves.