How to Start up a website – Basic Guide & Tips from Best web designers in Erode, Tamilnadu

Start up a website – Basic Guide & Tips

What is a website and how does it work ?

Website – The word describes. The best way to publish your contents / products in the web. www refers to world wide web. Each and every website has its own domain address to which it has been mapped actually. Few set of tags and attributes may help any web developer to create best quality websites.  Created webpages will be hosted in a server space. Hosting refers to the place where the web pages are stored in internet server.

Part of being a professional web designer is philosophy about your end user, it’s the web designer  job to research for audience and use to construct a underpinning for your website audience. There are three basic rules to be followed to get best quality web pages.

  1. Ease of navigation
  2. Better understanding & reading
  3. Pleasant look and feel


cheap affordable web designsNow, Go with mobile :

In recent trends more that 45 % of web traffic are directed via mobile. Various mobile OS platforms namely MAC OS, Android, Windows mobile etc. A best web designer has to design in such way like its compatable with all these mobile OS platforms, so that the mobile web users get as it is.

We have a pair of options for adjusting your website we can construct a receptive design. A receptive design merely responds to the mobile device it is being viewed on and the text, images and so on will automatically move in the region and adjust for easy viewing of the mobile web user.

The second key is to have a mobile version of the website; it’s a tad like an app only it isn’t downloadable. We take content and images and build impressive things that fit perfectly on the mobile screen using your branding and colour scheme.


Words that matters:

Everyone use search engines like google to get what they want. So, indirectly it has to done like keywords or optimum content for search engine transparency. If you are using technical stipulations, explain them! We throw out words like ‘Responsive’ ‘SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)’ but we would always give details in our content with a quick explanation like…

SEO is the process of touching the visibility of a website in a search engine’s search results


Social Media integration:

We can say like several people live in Social network sites like Facebook & Twitter. (These are common though many are avail around the world wide web). If you have your website designed with us we include free set up all of your Social networking protocols  for extreme conversion of your product. If the product is reviewed via these social media, then its sure that it has reached few number of unknown people which may affect the conversion of the particular product. So, its always advisable to go with social media marketing.  More over people start assuming that the product shared in these social media are true, though several tons of fake calls are close to them.

A website will be fulfilled if they are done with social media integration. Many corporates march with their campaign to drag attention of the peoples around them.


Finally, its tracking and locating :

Tracking plays a vital role though it falls under post design process. Various tracking tools including google analytics helps the web holder to access the data and statistics of the web users. We include Google Analytics tracking code (the main page in your website admin area) on all websites and also set up period statists to be sent directly to your e-mail each month so you can keep track.


These are our top tips for getting done with best quality web designs from top web designers in Tamilnadu. No matter whether you are going to contact Us or another web design company ask them how they approach these topics for your peace of mind that they know what they are doing!