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  • Milk Dairy Automation software
  • Textile management software
  • Transport management software
  • Inventory management software
  • Customized software applications
  • Financial Accounting software
  • Billing software
  • Payroll management Software

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a smart dairy solution

Collecting the milk from suppliers and measuring various milk parameters such as FAT, CLR, SNF and Quantity is a tedious process especially when the amount of milk collected is high. This process has to be done as quickly as possible so that the collected milk is sent to the cooling plant before it turns sour. This is where we can help you with our product 'Nano Diary' tailor made for Dairy Automation. Nano dairy is a complete data acquisition automation product for Milk Dairy. We receive all milk parameters through the devices designed specifically for a single purpose. This device is simple enough for a layman to handle and eliminates the need of giving him the direct access to server.

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